The #PortraitPage is proud to present this masterpiece!
?Photographer: @visualsbyt
?Model: @kiana__garcia
Selected by: @ericmarkdo
@ericmarkdo | @tiro_inspired | @petiamphotos
@abel.psd | @stel72 | @lydiagirdan
@tony.bennett | @disyouth | @darkbokeh
Partner: @way2ill_

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39 Replies to “The #PortraitPage is proud to present this masterpiece! Photographer: @visualsby…”

  1. @visualsbyt no offence I think you have nice pictures in your gallery but this one is way too edited..looking plastic..mostly the eyes..very white looks super unnatural..I mean it’s probably just not my style cause I see a lot of people like it 🙂 so my opinion is not important 🙂

  2. @blesazlesa Thank you for been super straight forward and for the critical feedback. Since I do editorial, candid, graphic design and etc; I tend to edit in many different styles; and the reason I did this was to actually go with a specific trend and to submit for a content creation contest. But I completely understand where you are coming from & I appreciate your opinion 🙂

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