The EZBootyBuilding guide is up on
About the guide:
•25 page PDF style GYM BASED guide that can be printed or transferred onto an ebook or iBook format easily!
•Progressive workouts that will get your glutes to grow🌱
•6 weeks of glute focused workouts💪🏼
•2 DESTROYING glute focused workouts a week‼️
•AMAZING glute activation exercises🍑
•KILLER finishers🔥
•Picture examples to help with the free movement exercises!💃🏼
The guide is only $20 and will is available on ❤️
Start your Monday workout off right💪🏼🌱🍑🔥
Tag me and #EZBB to be featured on my! I’ll be freaking out and sharing you babes all day 😊🔥
I worked so hard on this guide. Michael and I really put together the absolute best workouts that will give you the best results.
Didn’t have a professional team to help me get this guide together. I had @skylarferrazzi take pictures of me in a racquetball room for the exercise glossary😂
Had to figure out the editor that makes the actual PDF and iBook format of the guide.😅
It was so tedious but so worth it!
This guide is honestly like my baby now so I hope you all love it as much as I do!

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39 Replies to “IT’S FINALLY LIVE! The EZBootyBuilding guide is up on (LINK IN BI… | Elizabeth Zaks Hot Instagram Model”

  1. @frreckless I’m not sure what you mean by this!😕 The guide is available for purchase anywhere in the world, the currency gets transferred over! 20USD = 205.28 Venezuelan bolívar 😊 let me know if this is what you meant! My apologies if I misunderstood ❤️

  2. @shanaly thank you!! I’ll definitely try it out tomorrow, it’s actually a lot of fun to play around with this kind of stuff!

  3. Hey girly! I asked this question earlier and watched your video about the release, but I wasn’t able to figure it out. But is the program exclusively leg/ butt exercises (only workouts for leg/ butt day). Or is it a 6 week program that works out your whole body (but is focused on building your glutes)? Or if anyone has bought it and can answer, that’d be awesome too! ☺️☺️

  4. @latinaaheat omg I would never make the price so unreasonable!! 😂❤️❤️ I’m so happy you like the price point!❤️❤️

  5. @jewejewebee it’s exclusively focused on the glutes/ lower body!😊❤️ my other guides focus on the full body but this one is strictly glutes 😊

  6. No darling! Thanks to the goverment we are not able to buy dollars!!! So, i cant buy the guide! I dont know if i wrote it fine! My english is not that good! 😞

  7. I know it says it’s a gym based guide but what equipment is needed for this guide? I have a dumbbell weight set up to 30 pounds, will I be able to do it at home?

  8. So excited to see people’s progress so I can try myself!! What equipment is needed? For instance.. I don’t have resistance bands. Should I buy some for this guide?

  9. @j.nousain yes! You can get a set of 3 resistance bands on amazon for $10 I believe if not less 😊💕 some gyms have resistance bands available but if not then I would definitely say invest in some!

  10. i ordered this almost a week ago and can’t even find out how to get it?? it says my paypal payment was confirmed and nothing else?!

  11. @hargiskristen omg a week?? email me babe! Email me at! The link might’ve been sent to your email and placed in the spam folder or it might’ve been blocked by your email for being “suspicious”. Either way send me an email over and I’ll send you the guide as a PDF (:

  12. I just ordered this and received it and I opened it on my phone and when I went back to look at it about two minutes later it said I reached my download limit and now I can’t see it again. I never even got the chance to save it. I don’t even know how to save it on my phone.

  13. Hey Elizabeth! I bought the guide and am super exite bout it 🤗 I haven’t worked out in a while though 🤐 would you suggest diving straight in or nah? Thanks 🤓

  14. hey elizabeth! i reallyyyyy wanna buy your new guide but will it actually make my thighs really big if i’m still working on losing weight? or will they become slimmer

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