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THE WINNER IS @lia_rida22 Big thanks to everyone who entered to win a 2lb conta…

🏆THE WINNER IS @lia_rida22 👏👏
Big thanks to everyone who entered to win a 2lb container of my favorite protein powder by NutraBio @nutrabio
It was great to see so much participation. I can’t wait to hear what Lia thinks when she tries it out! I am continuing to love 💋this company as I learn more & more about their all natural products.
Today’s workout is all about CORE STRENGTH 👊
I get a lot of questions about how to get abs so I want to share my 🔝tip that has helped me build & maintain my core even after having kids.
It’s really not about how many crunches you do. Crunches become easy after awhile. Not to mention they are super boring.😐
Instead focus on CORE exercises that work multiple muscle groups. Ironically when I stopped “doing abs” I started seeing 👀my abs. ✅These tricep dip/leg raises are a perfect example of incorporating core training into an arm workout. Pay attention as you see me breath how my abs contract. That means my core is working hard.👊
Most of my workouts are core focused, so instead of “doing abs” a few times a week, I get some sort of core workout in every day. 💯
It’s a simple as that. That’s my AB SECRET. It may not be rocket science but it works! Use NutraBio discount code janinefit if you want to try anything 😃

Credit by: Janine Delaney 💪 | Photo Blog