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Today in the first part … Never in my life I tried to partner like a base, Mart …

Today my first party … Never in my life I tried to base my partner, Martinka also did not. Today I surprised myself. Not only did I overcome my fear, not only Martin, but I proved it was just me. Martinka proved to me today that she is my second soul. She felt my movements and I … In the moment I pulled my first extension, I felt like I was going to die with joy. Although I understand that this is a pretty easy exercise, but it does mean a lot to me. I do not really like it and I want to improve it. #underarmour #nike #cheerleader #gettingbetter #partnerstunt #walkin #toss #pop #mylove #baseandtop https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t50.2886 -16 / 19435432_1388723967859442_4764078282792501248_n.mp4

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