✎ Today's dinner ◎
◌ Potato sauce's pot with rice dish · Soup pickles · · ┣ past recipes
Stir-fried boiled pork and radish
Stir-fried ginger salt of squid and komatsuna
Cold man
◌ Foot length Nomako miso soup
When home girls' association
My friends praised me a lot
Sanma's rice dish.
Easy, good, cheap!
Deep-fried rice wrapped in soup and delicious soup ◎
This is also unbearable taste.
Even if cooked together, it is always complete with two people in a moment!
Now only frozen and thawed saury
Although it is not circulating,
Previously on TV, frozen saury
Because it frozen in the season which can be caught a lot
Actually it is more delicious than a raw saury with fat.
And, since watching,
I started to buy thawed saury ◎
The rest is easy.
(Ebabe rice is also pretty easy … lol)
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In a huge feet long knife
Nameko's miso soup ('˂˃')
According to moving Joseph Joseph's
I want a grip top cutting board
There is no shop handling quite a lot.
I heard there is a two tone why …
If it is Rakuten I will take a shipping fee.
I should try to make Harumi Kurihara's cutting board …
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