It’s my very first message to Josephine. I just wanted to share my emotions and gratitude. No one inspires me today as much as she does. I’m feeling she is the only one who believing in me today. She has impacted my life a lot and made me into the better and happier person I am today. She always helps me stay strong when everyone make me down at uni. Looking how she growing up in her career, how much she achieving, how much she doing for charity, how blessed she to have such a loving family, how heartfelt she using her voice to spread love to the world, how stylish she look at the events and just on the go.. how she making her relationships with her boyfriend, how she making her house.. ALL makes me admire her more and more! Josephine is the most beautiful soul for me. She is the only one who believing in me now and she helps me accept myself and be okay with my emotions and pure love to this world. I love her, she is like sister for me today. I’m so blessed to be part of #subskrivers family. She deserves to know how beautiful she inside & out. You have my heart @josephineskriver ❤️ Keep shining beautiful one, this world needs your light. || #josephineskriver

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