32 Replies to “Photo by @danladue No need to edit at all ! Freezing but I feel #Freedom at the…”

  1. At last I found you. I saw you photoshooting at timesquare yesterday about 4.05 am through earthcam. There was a guy with you with a backpack and another one was taking your pics on his cellphone just Infront of you, Am I right ?

  2. 따이하이부츠가 세레나씨를 떠올리게 하는 것 같아요 오늘 사진에서 특히 그런 생각이 드네요 ??

  3. @iam.serena ? watching your photoshooting live from another part of the world is an experience though ! I never thought I’d see something like that on earthcam ?. And then I thought she must post these​ pics on Instagram then I searched the #timessquare tag and found u.? Anyway Good Luck.

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