39 Replies to “sunday is “stay in bed and watch football day” @RAIDERS #RN4L #justwinbaby…”

  1. Gangstriss that’s not right full post up in bed naked with a raiders hat on that’s keeping it gangsta mad props to u not to many gangstriss rock raider that’s special

  2. Hi Josephine!!! We would love to send you a set of our @josephinehome bedlinen … http://Www.josephinehome.co.uk … Just let us know if you would like us to! Work hard & play hard so good linen is ESSENTIAL ?? – speak soon we hope! Stephanie 😉

  3. @josephineskriver so just wondering your take on the Raiders Move to Las Vegas. Will you still be a Raider for life? Hope so. Looks like it’s gonna happen. I live in Vegas so I’m pretty happy about it of course.

  4. Let’s take the sheet off spread her legs Start kissing and licking between them When she starts moaning put your tongue in as far as you can Then wait for the orgasm She will begin shaking

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