“I make movies for different fashion brands and artists. I’m a lucky guy because I do this together with my best friend Safi Graauw. We’ve set up a lifestyle platform called CAVEMEN.
What I like most about being a moviemaker? I feel safe behind the lens of the camera, and the true challenge is to capture reality.
My biggest dream is to make a movie about growing up and it would be awesome to show that movie at an aknowledged filmfestival. I’m almost thirty you know, and the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far, is that growing up is not like as it is portrayed in the Hollywood movies. It’s tough.
I would like to show the transience and reallness of life in my film, as those are two main things that make it so valuable. For me the question is ‘WHO has imppressed me most in life’? That is my mom. She passed away almost two years ago. She was my best friend. The way she enjoyed life is admirable. She was this pure, smart, nice, and beautiful woman, and she learned me, my brother and my sister, to always believe in humanity’s inner goodness. Maybe this sounds a bit woolly, but it’s true! My name is
Christiaan Grammer” #1city100nationalities #1stad100nationaliteiten #portret #portrait #straatfotografie #streetphotography #people #canonnederland #NL #128

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  1. Ik voel veel bij deze man. #beneenspirituelemuts. Prachtig persoon. Ik zou hem graag als vriend zien. En dat zeg ik niet gauw.

  2. Spreek je deze mensen gewoon aan op straat? Ik denk dat ik gewoon meer lef moet krijgen daarvoor. Super foto’s elke keer

  3. Wat een prachtig verhaal achter deze foto. Hopelijk gaan we van hem nog horen met een mooie film. Deze foto is mooi gelukt, zoals de vele andere @humbertotan ?

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