TEAMWORK ?How great would it be if people could work together & NOT against one another? ?
This picture is a true reflection of teamwork with my amazing photographer & friend of 20 yrs Cristian.
Check out his appreciation for the female form @cbtrn too see another pic from our shoot PLUS lots of gorgeous female athletes ?
Sneak peak in MY STORY of our shoot circa 2003 at the beach. I was 34 & look 12! No laughing please ?

Credit by: Janine Delaney ? | Photo Blog

39 Replies to “TEAMWORK ?How great would it be if people could work together & NOT against one …”

  1. @lindabare I understand. Sometimes we let people get to us and it puts us in a bad mood. That happened to me the other day. Then I thought of what I had in life that was good. Focus on THE GOOD not the bad. Don’t give up on it. If everyone did that what a better world we would live in. Kisses ??

  2. @rizwan.sofia you are wonderful and always make me feel so good. Thank you! That was taken at a lovely botanical garden where I live. All of the flowers are out and it’s just peaceful and serene. I love the colors too. They make me happy ?

  3. @alyasoltana Hi lovely! This is a beautiful botanical garden where I live. The flowers are finally all bloomed and it is magical ✨✨✨I didn’t want to leave! I have more great pics from here I’ll post soon ☄️

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