Dear American friends, when you cast your vote today please remember your daughters, sisters, moms,..your black, asian, mexican, muslim and gay friends!! WE CANT LET THIS RACIST HOMOPHOBE MISOGYNIST PERVERT speak freely on television for another 4 years. Like Stephen Hawking perfectly summarizes: “He is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.” Unfortunately there is no IQ test required in order to be allowed to vote or to become president. So i count on you to get out of bed and vote. (if you are a racist homophobe that happens to think it is ok for a father say “my daughter is a hot piece of ass” and you are OK if he grabs your grandma by the pussy— feel free to unfollow/unfriend and fuck off. thanks.) #govote #usa #peacelovehappiness #trumpsucksass #kimjongun too

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  1. @annasophie_love obviously your not listening to the whole thing. I also bet you didnt know she is a pedofile. She commited treason, sharing classified information on a private unsecured server that was hacked at least 5 times by foreign governments. These hacks resulted in many american lives lost but no people dont care because she is a woman. I would not mind a woman president, i just dont want a traitor in the white house who stole 6 billion dollars from the clinton foundation, money that was supposed to go to sick and homless haitian people. Look before you vote just be informed thats all I ask, and when u are informed and still vote for her, then its on you to live with your decision. Please look up the truth.

  2. @thisrepublicanguy the Bush Administration lost 22m emails during his term but no Republican batted an eye… She never stole 6bn from the Clinton foundation and even if she did, it doesn’t come close to the billions in public tax money that went to bailing out Trump on failed business ventures. Both candidates are flawed but at least she doesn’t encourage hate by using age old escape goats (foreigners and minorities) in order to rally the masses.

  3. I dont even understand how stupid America is… How is it possible that 2 people are on top when both are not even a good choice.. not even close… When I really needed to choose I would go for Clinton but this looks more like a TV show to me then wanting the best for the country.. but seems that everything in America needs be “show” so yea why not put 2 people to choose from that both are stupid and hating at each other like they are 5 years old instead of showing why they are the right person to lead America. But hey guess in Europe there’s something like being adult and mature.

  4. People knock Trump for his indiscretions but don’t even acknowledge all of the things that Killary is guilty of, I don’t understand this at all

  5. @joaquin_lassala your argument is invalid, you want to replace corrupt politicians with more corrupt politicians hmm okay thats very smart. When someone from the outside wants to come in. Obviously the corrupt dont want that so they fight it to the death and poor uniformed people believe the biased media that is owned by these elites.

  6. @thisrepublicanguy whatever, then get someone there who can fix it without being an asshole all the time. You have qualified people in America, make use of them.

  7. I can not believe he won! How can so many people be so naive and willing to put such a racist and sexist man in charge of a country

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