I miss Tokyo and all the cute Japanese girls and women in school girl outfits with funky glitter nails, colorful contact lenses, extravagant fake eyelashes and high pitching voices in order to sound even cuter and younger! And I miss how unbelievably polite the Japanese are and that no one says “no” ever! And their questionable schoolgirl porn magazines, used underwear vending machines, delicious food and elegant taxi drivers and train conductors that push you softly into the subway wearing white gloves.. And I miss random people passing out on strangers shoulders but no one ever complains about it.. The wasted drunk business men in suits that drop their wallets and phones on the street and pass out but won’t get robbed..I also miss feeling safe walking home from Roppongi at 4am alone wearing a school girl outfit trying to blend in! I miss the excitement of Shibuya crossing and going through the weird stuff you can buy at Don Quijote like “nose up” a tool that gives you a pig nose look because that’s in right now, or cat ears that measure your brainwaves and waggle if you seem to be happy, dried worms instead of chips.. I miss Kyoto, the stunning temples and the zen gardens.. Japanese contemporary art.. Time to go back soon! I❤️Japan ?? #culture #lifewelltravelled #Japan #Tokyo #Kyoto

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  1. Fascinating …..you write very effectively ….. you painted a very quirky cross section of a culture in a charming way . I Love your descriptions … I could see it , hear it and feel it as I read .

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