22 Replies to “Want to ask me something? Going to have a Q/A on my blog later this week so jus…”

  1. Hey cutie ❤️❤️❤️we love your feed so much. you should take a look at our merchandise I think you’d rock it?go to thestyleclub.com #girlpower

  2. Yay! Ok, would love to know hair & makeup details (hair color, hair products) (makeup, skin care routine, foundation, mascara, lips). Last but not least where you get your cute clothes from. Also I would love to know where your swim bottoms are from?@linnjacobsson

  3. When you first started training how did you create your workout plans? Did you just google stuff? Or ask people? Watch others at the gym?

  4. Also have you ever been thinking about maybe getting a YouTube channel to give ppl tips and tricks and maybe help others to get fit like you? What to eat and not to? Show more of your videos at the gym?

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