Looking for BOOTY GAINZ ⁉️
I have been loving ? these mini bands more & more lately. There are countless variations?
I’ve been switching up a heavier GLUTE day with ISOLATION exercises using these bands from @letsbands. I know they work because my glutes and abductor muscles are super sore the next day ?
NOTICE the PLACEMENT of the band on today’s combo:
☪️Single leg side kick
☯️Side kick with side squat
?Curtsy lunges ♈️Kick backs
Minibands come in a variety of colors that represent various resistance levels. I suggest purchasing a starter set with each color. They are very affordable & then you can try all of them and see which you like best?
TIP: Notice I don’t hold on to anything when I do the kick backs. It’s harder this way, but forces you to SQUEEZE your CORE. Try it if you can ? @thebandz.co

Credit by: Janine Delaney ? | Photo Blog

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  2. I never thought of putting that they have that high that’s really cool I bet it kills I will definitely try

  3. I’ve been using these so much more now that you give me all these ideas. I take them to work too. What brand is the best you think? I need to buy a set

  4. How often do you workout at the gym and how often on your own with limited equipment?! I’m trying to find a good balance!

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