Just in time for #wildlifewednesday. After this recent trip to Canada, I was reminded how awesome wildlife are and how important they are for our Earth and it’s respective ecosystems. Many people show photos of people or mountains or lakes, but these places need flora and fauna to continue to exist.
I want to highlight these species and give additional information into their lives and how to protect them.
One such species is the Rocky Mountain goats. Watching them from afar was really a treat. I enjoyed watching them eat as a big family (seen here). They all did their own thing but stayed in the same area. The adults and juveniles ate, while the two kids jumped on rocks and seemed to be in their own world.
Then later, the Alfa male declared it was time for them to move elsewhere and climb up the mountain. Even though my research told me that Rocky Mountain goats could climb up mountains extremely well, I was completely unprepared for what I saw next. These 20 or so goats scaled a 100 foot vertical rock wall in about 30 seconds. They literally ran and jumped up the rock. None of the goats, not even the kids, made a single mistake.
The original photo here was not shot for instagram and includes more sky. There is an interesting stratus cloud that hovered over this mountain and caught my attention. You will not see it in this photo because it has been cropped to fit Instagram.

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