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  1. Hey Queen_rehm I love a woman who is strong ,healthy & Care’s about her self ! You are beautiful inside & out babe , have a fantastic workout & Day

  2. The M edia TACTIC to create mental illness and remove me from society – at KevinPerelma nTa rget c om

  3. @queen_rehm Do you think you can help me with a good diet plan to help me with my daily exercise routine? The idea is to keep underweight and the minimum level of fat in my body.

  4. @wolfschulze you want to be underweight? I wouldn’t want to do anything that could be harmful to you. But I could definitely help you with a balanced diet and workout regimen that would ultimately lower your weight and body fat. @blackstonelabs_official has some great products that can help you get to your goals even quicker as well.

  5. Wow Savanna , such a magnificent body now that’s comes from hard work dedication staying focused on your goals and dreams outstanding absolutely extravagant. Lovely tattoos pretty eyes luscious lips that sexy look absolutely stunning awesome shoulders amazing back awesome triceps, biceps, arms fantastic beautiful small sexy.? waste.? gorgeous booty awesome quads amazing glutes sexy legs absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing and God bless you Savanna, keep up the hard work. ????????❤???

  6. @queen_rehm Thanks for your help… when I say low weight is the most possible fitness. I am 40 years old but I have done exercise all my life and combined them with horse riding.

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