Last week I haltingly, awkwardly said no to a job that would take me off island again. I’m not good at no. It gives me anxiety. What if… But in the space after the no, I was left with so much room for yes. Things I could throw myself into with my whole heart. Like going up in a helicopter with @saltywings – even though I get airsick – because I freaking LOVE seeing my home from a few thousand feet in the air!! To spontaneous camping trips and devoting time to new opportunities that mysteriously and beautifully pop up. It might not always work this way. I know that. But I’m here. Two feet dangling in the scary space of yes and of no and the infinite possibilities in between. All in. Trust yourself. It’s a good feeling.? #feetsies #Kauai #dowhatyoulove

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  1. I saw a quote that said something like “success is not about how many times you can say yes, but the ability to say no”. It just reminds me how many options are possible, but that to really excel at some you will have to turn down others. Glad you are happy with the choice to hang out at home for a bit!

  2. @mauiorganicskincare bahaha I think someone else said that as well. I swear they aren’t very clean and also… rarely wear shoes here?

  3. @ordinarytraveler thank you Christy? I’m recognizing the power of both to create change in my life. Never right or wrong, just learning to live in the upwelling of options. Here’s to courage!

  4. @chelseakauai I only know cause I live in the haiku Maui mud ? I will say the washing machine surprises me when I put my fav kicks in!

  5. @chelseakauai Wow!! We’re about to jump in a similair ? experience in NYC! Any tips on what kind of lens to use? Not allowed to change lenses once up there ?

  6. @littlemisskatexx check out my friend’s place @thepalmwood suuuper cute and relaxing bnb. I’d say the north shore is the prettiest (but my be slightly more rain in Nov), east kapaa area will be the most affordable, south (poipu) is sunny but more resort than mountainous. There are also awesome cabins up in Kokee state park. It’s more what kind of experience you’re looking for

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