Guess who’s 18 today ?? Here are 18 things I’ve learned in my life so far:

  1. If you want to accomplish something you have to be willing to put in the work.
  2. Just because there is hate in the world doesn’t mean you should contribute to the negative energy
  3. Helping people is one of the greatest feelings in the world
  4. Hugs are super nice and comforting
  5. Toxic relationships hold you back. Let them go.
  6. Don’t try to please everyone. There will always be somebody who isn’t happy with your choices.
  7. Appreciate the little things.
  8. Have an open mind. Welcome people with open arms.
  9. Your feelings are valid so don’t apologize for having them (and don’t bottle them up either)
  10. Don’t be afraid of failure; failure leads to success.
  11. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a break. Your mental health is more important than work.
  12. You can’t fix stupid people : )
  13. Life goes by faster than you think
  14. If you don’t understand something, Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  15. Take all opportunities that come your way. It’s better to say “I can’t believe I did that” than “I wish I had done that”
  16. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. There will always be somebody that’ll accept and love you just the way you are.
  17. Tell the truth. It’s easier to speak the truth than trying to keep up a lie.
  18. Life’s pretty good and I’m happy I stuck with it

Thank you for all you’re love and support!!



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  1. Happy birthday Eli! God bless you! You have such a bright future ahead of you. Keep being you and keep up the amazing work! Hope your day was amazing and hope you got everything you wished for!☺☺❤❤????

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