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Credit by: Hakan Gümüş | Photo Blog

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  1. Howdy you could’ve no question commander our clothin comp.. =) Connect message on this prime I-G bio.! Relay those shortly

  2. She’s sitting down so it looks like she’s fat. She’d not posed. She’s just stupid. Don’t agree? Sit down and slouch and look at your stomach

  3. We also teach them to eat sugar and drink pop. Maybe we should think about how we teach them how to be healthy? This is the dumbest picture I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s very simple to change your body weight, stop eating crap and actually exercise and get off your phones and get off your video games. Simple. Your life is in your hands whether you are fat or fit. It’s your fault 100%.

  4. @marlonoreillymusic some people gain weight easily !! For me even I am eating healthy for years iam over weight by +15. And if I was eating normally I will be so fat like my brother iam taking about 100+ kg.

  5. @nana2shi So you have to eat differently then. It doesn’t matter if you gain weight quickly, so do a lot of people but they’re not fat. And 15 lb overweight really isn’t that bad. If you’re eating healthy, then you’re not doing any exercise. If you’re doing both of those things then you don’t understand how Food Works and you need to do more research. Your uneducated on food. A lot of people are so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The things that doctors and articles and magazines have taught, are commonly wrong and have been for years. A low fat diet? It’s horrible for you. You’re not supposed to have a high-fat diet but you are supposed to eat healthy fats. Your body needs them to be balanced. I’m being in the fitness industry for over 15 years, I know a lot about it. You need to take out sugar, processed foods and Dairy. Even foods that are gluten free are absolutely horrible for you. Read the ingredients!

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