How do you become Vegan?
There is no special formula. All you need is yourself. Blocked out by gates, walls, factories and distance; we have been left to fabricate an image of animals lives that sits well with our conscious. Watching the reality of these animals will open up a door that we have been denied entry for so long. As humans, we avoid situations that make us uncomfortable and guilty. But, it is only when we meet those emotions face to face that true metamorphic changes occur. In a world where we continuously reflect on the past to avoid making future mistakes, let this not be another chapter in the textbook. It’s no longer an opinion, factory farming is killing our planet and everything on it due to toxins and emissions that are a leading contributing factor in climate change. This is, undoubtedly a modern-day holocaust of another species.

Source | Sophia Miacova at Photo Blog

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  1. @ellenstenquist_t This is no answer to my comment . Please read again and try to understand. Eat your rice now and put some carbon dioxide into the air. Semihuman

  2. @cha_math_a_s ce que je pense tous les jours… Les humains n’aiment pas se retrouver face à leur culpabilité ni a ce qui les dérangent… Et pourtant c’est bien ce qu’ils font … assassiner des amours innocents qui nous font confiance pour notre égoïste plaisir de quelques secondes en bouche … C’est bien que tu ouvres les yeux . Tu ne viveras pas moins bien . Au contraire!!

  3. Thank you for your using your platform to spread awareness 🙏. Not many with your kind of following do. Thank you ☺️🐓🐄🐂❤️

  4. Wowwww You couldn’t have said it better!!!!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💜💛💚💜💛💚

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