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  1. Chase Jarvis is the protog who inspires me a lot how to be a professional photographer like him.I always see the picture taken by h And take in my life.I very like his bio photo.He is very creative photographer .

  2. My choice @neydaenid knows her business in front of and behind the lens. Working as a writer and director she well deserves the best.

  3. @andrewoninstagram – Andrew’s work ethic when it comes to his photo work inspires me a whole lot and makes me want to spend more time not only shooting but working on my images in post. 💃

  4. I inspire myself. You are your own worst critic. I feel I’m hard on myself when others already like the work I do so I push myself to always do better

  5. I’m inspired by alan_schaller, his photos are amazing and manage capture the essence of every person/animal/place that he photographs

  6. @jessedgraham inspires me because he’s the only person crazy enough to undertake a project to capture 1000 portraits (@1000portraitproject) and that’s the kind of dedication we should all aspire to!

  7. @petermckinnon inspires me because he literally blew up with just pure hard work, infectious energy and selfless teaching, seems like an awesome guy that just didn’t accept no for an answer and that matches my aspirations.

  8. First of all I love your YouTube channel, @chasejarvis inspires me the most because he is very adaptive with cameras and he doesn’t complain about what camera to use

  9. Inspiration on Instagram. @jasminestar .. with how she help people to use social as a real way to improve they views and how to be viewed by the right public. And her dreamful pics to

  10. I watch quite a lot of stuff every day for about a year now. And believe me, no one insta-projects inspires me at all. Its not much boring but 90% was copyed. (Pls dont choose this massage).

  11. @dustiinw inspires me with his incredible car photography and videography! As well as his youtube channel is amazing!

  12. @vonwong inspires me because I learned that photos aren’t just meant to look pretty; they can do so much more than that. A photographer can tell a story and bring awareness to ongoing social/environmental issues through their photos. And Benjamin’s works and dedication have done it. Plus he’s also a great guy to work with! #teamtentacles

  13. I’m mostly inspired by Kevin Ton. He is a great czech photographer focused on documentary and street and can really capture emotions and human stories.

  14. I love being inspired by healthy food, minimalism, travel, etc.. The lovely images motivate me to eat better, pare down, seize the day, etc.. 🙂

  15. Thank you for the ch ance at this great giveaway. The person that inspires me….. is @cinnablaze she has been in a care home for 2 years. Not able to walk. I started Artists that Care because of her. Now I donate time and get others to donate art for those in care homes. I am trying to give people color in a colorsless room. @cinnablaze is an amazing warrior. I wish i were closer to give more cokor to her. Xo

  16. I find @petermckinnon inspires me by the type of content he produces and his recent fill called “THE BOWL” really inspired me. His YouTube videos that he posts are amazing!

  17. The people that inspires me on instagram are lensball because they set nice picture from others with lensballs on instagram.

  18. Andrew Marr. the level of work he puts in to get such a perfect landscape piece and that just pushes me to excel future and become one of the best one of these days

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