I’m rather speechless, yet proud of myself. — I’ve had days where I didn’t feel like my account was good enough, or days where I was too busy to provide updates but I didn’t give up, you know why? My love for @josephineskriver is so strong. She has given me so much love for my fanpage since day one, she has appreciated me and given me kind words along the way. — Seeing people enjoy my account as much as I do helps motivate me to keep this account as entertaining + well updated as possible. I love what I do, and I love supporting my queen. 🌸Running this account makes me happy because I love what Jo brings to this world, she offers so much love and devotion into what she does and into her fans. — This family has grown because of how loving Jo is towards this family, and it makes each one of us so loved AND happy. ❤️ I love you, Jo. Never doubt my love for you! Making you happy, certainly makes me happy. || #josephineskriver #subskrivers

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  1. FINALLY MY ANGEL!!! I CANNOT EXPRESS INTO WORDS HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW FOR YOU!! I’ve been here since we were just 3 or 4 fan accounts, you where less than 1k followers if I’m okay and OH DEAR GOD NOW YOU’RE 70K FOLLOWERS! Can’t wait to celebrate with you your 80, 90 and the big 100k followers! Can you imagine that? 😭😭 thank you for being the most incredible and sweet person here, your heart and soul are so pure and I feel proud to have someone like you in the Subskriver family and I’m sure @josephineskriver think the same! She loves you and you know it ❤️❤️

  2. @joskriverarmy YOUVE BEEN HERE FOR EVERY STEP TILL NOW, AND I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW GREAT IT FEELS TO HAVE A FRIEND LIKE YOU. ❤️❤️ You’ve been here when I was down to remind me of how much @josephineskriver loves me, and been here when I was feeling really happy. You’re such a lovely human being, and anyone would be happy to have a friend like you in my life. I love you just as much as Jo loves you, (and that’s a lot 😉)

  3. @skrivernation Omg I didn’t see this before and now I’m crying!! I can’t believe how much I love you my beautiful soul! You are magical in every single way. Thanks for being a light in my life! Wish I could hug you one day ❤️❤️

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