So in light of the new Victoria’s Secret “perfect body” campaign, here is a photo of me wearing their new body by Victoria collection for some digitals. I’d like to think this shows Victoria’s Secret that there is no such thing as a perfect body and that so many different body types will wear their bras. So I think they should acknowledge this fact! Perhaps one day big companies realize that every body is perfect in its own way and then reflect that back into their advertising. #IAMPERFECT #YOUAREPERFECT #lovethyself @healthyisthenewskinny #healthyisthenewskinny #naturalmodelsla

Credit by: RILEY | Photo Blog

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  1. @gaia3465 yeah!! It’s pretty good!! I don’t think the straps are fully adjustable which I don’t like, but other than that, it’s good!!

  2. I totally agree with you but I think a lot of people misunderstand that the “perfect body” campaign isn’t about the bodies that are wearing the lingerie but I’m pretty sure it’s about the body/volume that the bras give to your boobs. 🙂

  3. Even with the bodacious curves shes got ab structure. My goal for my body. Is to just be toned and healthy, not just lose weight to get healthy and out of the health risks, but just to be happy with my toned sexy curves. Goodness ive been blinded too long. Your my hero thank you so much i could cry.

  4. @sydneyafrancois yeah I know that’s what the campaign is about! I just feel like they could have worded it differently lol

  5. You are behind gorgeous! I have struggled with eating disorders my whole life and now finally I have let go of controlling what my body looks like and just be comfortable in my skin, which is why I have my page #nourish2health . Anyways thank you for this ❤️

  6. @nourish2health glad I could help! I actually suffered with body image a lot and had an eating disorder too. I pretty much just starved myself when I was 16 so I could be skinny but myself really sick in the process. So it’s nice to know I can help out someone who went through the same thing!!

  7. You are so stunning!!!! I’ve always been insecure about certain parts of my body because they weren’t necessarily the kind of “perfect” that everyone else thinks of. But you don’t have the conventional “skinny” body type that’s usually portrayed in media and you’re so beautiful. I’m so glad that I have someone like you to look up to! You’re gorgeous and just seeing your face in a wet seal ad, or even on instagram, makes me so happy! Thank you 🙂

  8. @kellyblaus omg!! You are so sweet!! It means a lot to me to know that what I’m trying to do is helping anyone out!!! So thank YOU!! ❤️

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