23 Replies to ““IT” #drawing #illustration #pencilandpaper #peniwise #IT #filmit #ilusrtator #…”

  1. @emilkilic you should speak nicely to some kids like her she just sharing her own art what is wrong with you?

  2. @emilkilic hey you lil piece of shet, if you dont like it just shut your fuckin mouth. This is good. You dont like this because you dont have a good talent like her, so be nice if you dont want bad luck kid.

  3. @emilkilic Some people live upside down. They like to talk out of their asses and the only thing that comes out from their mouth is shit. You talk so much shit, I don’t know whether to offer you a breath mint or toilet papper

  4. Dek @malvaquina.aisha & Mas @zaidan_nadindra , Sensei @the.kenji.sekiguchi adalah temen bapak. Beliau Ustadz, sekaligus Sensei Aikido, Sensei Pedang Nakata (Samurai). Semoga kita bisa silaturahmi ke beliau ya 🙏🙏

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