#TBT with gorgeous #PoshPrincess @maliezybeezy I just finished watching her on the latest episode of @cheerleadersatv 😍 Do you watch? Her hair is ombré and very light through the length so she chose a pony to match what her hair would look like in a pony instead of matching her roots, very cute! She has gorgeous hair of her own and is doing a great job keeping it healthy! ❤️

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  1. @cheer_all_star5 just saw it, love that video! Need to find the clear original so I can post!! 😍

  2. @poshponyandbows she posted the orginal a while ago on her own acc, but it‘s with practice wear. That‘s why i posted this one, bc i love the unis😂😍

  3. I L💗VE her look. Amazing how natural it looks too. Just when I think I can’t love @poshponyandbows more I see this look. Awesome.

  4. So so pretty, and uniquely perfect for her! My K LOVES watching the Sharks on Netflix over and over, so I’ll have to tell her about this one too! She will be so excited!

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