11 Replies to “Not really happy about the attention ;) | Ariel Winter Hot Instagram model”

  1. Technically any picture of a celebrity taken outside of a press event /photo shoot is considered a candid photo taken without any prior consent from said individual. While it’s not illegal to take a photo of a public figure, there should be better steps taken by the gym to eliminate photographing their members.

    But as long as you click and grab any photo of a celebrity other than from a press related event / photoshoot, you will continue fuelling the need of the paparazzi to take more photos.

  2. I really think she should consider taking a break from the spotlight. Maybe spend a summer out in Flyover America, and see how she likes it, and if she misses L.A. and show business too much, then move back.

  3. Oh I am sure she is not happy about the attention….but wait isn’t she the one posting all this @mackfit shit on her Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc? LOL. Hollywood knows how to play the game. #notmetoo

  4. Look everyone would be pissed about this but she also has the money to afford any gym in LA. She can use any private place that would terminate that behavior in a heartbeat, instead she’s been advertising on her social media where she is.

    So whatever, she actually asked for it.

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