CN: Oxford nostalgia
Winding down this Easter week-end and suddenly remembering I was anything but winding down the last… I spent it in the Bod, more (but not so) quiet than usual. It was the very beginning of my revision period at a time when I was wondering how on Earth I would be able to cover all of the topics, all of the authors and all of the textes I was meant to know back to back for finals.
And yet, as the weeks went by, I managed to turn the boxes of my revision timetable green one by one, wishing all the while for it to be all over (remember my whining?). I had the prettiest desk (that I claimed for myself all throughout Trinity) in the most exceptional library (I left a piece of my heart in the Taylor) and engaged with fascinating texts everyday.
And now, a year later it’s all gone and I’d give anything to be back just for a day, and pretend to be a student in Oxford, work in the library, take a short break and head out in cobbled streets for coffee at @themissingbean where I’d eavesdrop on other students discussing their exciting research and make the most of one of the most enriching experiences of my life.
Just to say to all current finalists out there that finals aren’t as horrible as the myth we make of them (you might even enjoy some of it), you will make it on the other side, so do make sure to embrace these last few weeks because even if it seems unthinkable now, you will f***ing miss it. 💕

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  2. Omg I needed this so badly at this moment! I’m plodding along with revision alright but have a huge loud insecurity about never being able to cover everything at the back of my head. So much love, Pau 💕💕💕

  3. I couldn’t agree more! Revision this year seems so grim without the wonderful libraries and streets I was surrounded by last year 💔 I miss it so much!

  4. You can’t even imagine how much I needed this!☺️ I’m here studying like crazy and I just feel like I don’t have enough time or hours in a day😭..but I know that when graduation will come I will miss it so much!! And, maybe I’m weird, but I would sell my kidney to go to Oxford!😻😻

  5. @afternoonswithfaith Faith ! 💕💕 you can totally do it !! I know it seems impossible now because it’s early in revision period but it’s manageable and you will make it on the other side ☺️

  6. @applespoon oh I’m so glad ! And yes absolutely !! I’m free for lunch in 3e/11e on weekdays 🙂

  7. Amazing @thecroissantpostcards 🙌 I didn’t go to Oxford but can totally relate to what you’re saying. Good luck to all those working towards their finals!

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