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  1. I agree the people making it sound like she should get nude or the people harassing her about it are wrong. And this is coming from someone who would like to see her nude.

    But she can’t act like she didn’t lead this on. Her first post was something about birthday suit and only fans to see more. I don’t know about you but birthday suit means naked. She also posted the it’s lit picture making it look like it’s nude. She new a bunch of people would think that she might post nudes. Again I’m not saying people should be harassing her about it or deserve it, but she can’t act like she didn’t calculate that.

    Lastly, her idea of what exclusive means is fucking twisted. If she honestly thinks that a slight edit makes it okay then wow. I can basically get the same from her IG that I can in her onlyfans. It’s not like some patreons where I get to see the naked version, it’s literally slightly different.

    Yes people didn’t need to pay for it, yes people can quit after. But I hate how she acts like she didn’t know she was leading people on or that her IG post and website are basically the same thing. She honestly has a bad personality, but people bullying her are wrong too. The only people who are right are the ones calling her out on her bullshit.

  2. People aren’t just pissed that she won’t be posting naked pictures on there, they’re pissed because they spent money on content that has already been made even she says “it may look similar but it is not the same” that’s the dumbest idea of never before seen content I have ever heard. She’s ridiculous

  3. Come on guys, she has self respect and therefore won’t post porn. Or her vagina “flaps” as she put it. Excited to see this whole train wreck eventually explode

  4. A little off topic but, who the fuck is actually a “fan” of her? Or any instagram model for that matter. People are fans of a lot of things (sports teams, musicians, filmmakers). Things that take time, work and have a payoff for being a fan of that thing. She posts half naked pictures on social media lol I don’t follow her for anything of substance, just the occasional eye candy when scrolling down my feed. If she deletes her account today, there’s a thousand other girls to take her fat booty/big titty place. I like how she looks and the pics she takes, but being a “fan” of her? Bruh come on. Calm down lol

  5. She’s obviously made all the money that she needed. I don’t know how she doesn’t expect to tell people that she’s going to put up “exclusive” content and them not to expect nudes? I’m pretty sure she gets a 1000 dick pics a day. With all the followers she has, she just needs them to sign up for one month and she’ll make thousands. And it’s retarded how she calls people pathetic, they just want what they paid for.

  6. She acts like shes working her ass off posting content but she’s really just getting paid thousands of dollars to take half nude pics (covering the nips, which isnt even “sexual” anymore, #freethenipple brother) in front of a mirror.

  7. It would be a real shame if someone hacked onlyfans and gave everyone their money back. And then suddenly her Instagram was reported and deleted. Oh lord she’d bust it open then. Who the hell writes a book about how to grow their fan base? When you’ve got big tits and a fat ass? You know why yall will probs never see her naked? She’s been photoshopping her pics for months because she’s getting a belly back. Insecurity is so real. But boys yall hold the cards. Next month rolls around I wouldn’t recommend an only fans follow. Just saying.

  8. Boy it’s easy being a woman in this world. Making money by just flaunting your goodies. Wish I had a nice rack and ass. Id wear a mask but I would be a fun adult entertainer with all the fun toys they have to play with. Shit id even charge 20 dollars.

  9. No one is forced to get naked. I don’t care how many downvotes I get. BOTTOM LINE you all are upset she isn’t naked.. and call her fat and mean names because of it. That’s horrible. How do you not see anything wrong with that?

  10. Seriously if you thought for $10 your were going to see nudes then you are naive. She has a massive following and earns plenty of cash. People need to relax over 10 f’n dollars.

  11. People really mad that she’s not getting naked.. what a fucked up world we live in. Not every only fans account posts naked pictures and she never promised that. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with people on here. She’s just a girl trying to make money off her looks, leave her alone. All of you are fucking bullies honestly.

  12. Who fucking cares. Saying you aren’t mad or these people aren’t mad because she doesn’t post naked pics is BS. You’re saying all these people would be satisfied if she was showing you exclusive behind the scene shoots of her playing basketball or something exclusive? What is her lifestyle? She models, how much more different does it get from what she does already on her social media? Give me a break. This is about her posting nude because what the fuck else are people complaining about. How much more different styles of pictures or “Content” can she create. It’s all relevant she’s a model.

    If you respond please rebuttal this claim. What were these people expecting when she said “exclusive content” and tell me not nude pics. What would they be happy about?

    I don’t want to hear “just stuff that’s different from things that shes already posted”

  13. I get to fuck my hot girlfriend and see her big, exclusive titties every night. Sure it may cost me a hell of a lot more than $9.99/month but damn if those titties rubbing in my face every night aren’t worth it.

    You just have to put up with their shitty moodswings.

    Get a girlfriend, quit wasting your coins on these digi-thots

  14. Some are straight thirsty af, but aye. She’s already half naked. Some she’s full but don’t show the goods. She will be naked in the future the way she shows off her body now. Watch, eventually every girl goes nude. Just gotta stay patient peeps.

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