10 Replies to “Onlyfans 08/22/18 | Jem Wolfie Hot Instagram model”

  1. Going to be unsubscribing to her boys/girls. Hope someone else can take one for the team this coming month. Her content is not what I want as a customer. Nor do I find it worth any money.

  2. It’s like there’s a playbook for this. When these girls describe there services as art and appreciation of themselves it’s like no, you’re deception in an art that only you enjoy. You can’t have fans for anything other than tits if you dont do anything but tits. Reminds me so much of Julie annne

  3. its just 10 bucks why you guys dont shut up about it.
    whats the point of join a discord or instagram or reddit and say every possible bad word to her,you dont like her you could just leave.
    i dont like abigail ratchford or demi rose but i dont go to their instagram or reddit and post hateful comments like damn troll.

  4. they look the same because they are selfie not official photo shoot,some post on her IG,some post on onlyfans if she post a same photo both on her IG and her onlyfans,yes why would you pay $10 for but she post one from her front in IG and one from her back in onlyfans,yes its not exclisve but thing is:
    she is a instagram model although she have some photo shoot images but she is not a professional model so her photos always look the same to some people because they are selfie.
    but she should try more lingeries,take selfie in different locations so they not be the same.

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