30 Replies to “Only Fans Video 08/17/2018 | Jem Wolfie Hot Instagram model”

  1. Also at least she kinda smiled at the end which made her more attractive then the rest of the video. So if you are reading this look like youre enjoying yourself at least lady!

  2. I tried the mega uploader. It didnt work when I went to see if the linked worked. I dont feel like messing around right now trying to figure it out. Maybe later.

    Also to quote what she said under this video-
    “Fans only is not about nudity or porn although unfortunately some females have adopted it to use it in that way and now you expect that from all females. I have always stayed true to who I am and what this website is for. It’s simply for creating consistent content that’s of a value to your true fans and I’m working closely with the people who run only fans to get that message out there! I’m excited to keep creating videos and photos just for this page because majority of my fans appreciate it. THIS video is how you can tell I’m all natural ass dimples and all! If you like these kinds of videos please send a tip. I try to go through them all at the end of the day and message you back xxx”

    I dont think she getting nakey. But ill stay on till the end of the month to give the people what they want.

  3. She is the definition of “thick” in my opinion. Looks at her legs, arms and stomach…they all look thin/flat. Her upper thighs, ass and tits are the only things that are “fat”

  4. yeah thats scamming.
    but there is something off about her i give you that.
    she is always super fucking sad on those videos like the person holing the camera put a gun against her.
    she dont want do these videos but disparate enough that need those dolors.
    she is a agile person in sport and gym but to damn lazy cant get a job.
    she encourage people to join her onlyfans but didnt do anything for her fans
    no blogs-youtube videos
    and her premium exclusive content are just couple of sec of bouncing ass and tits.
    she need a proper guidance how to keep her body in good shape,how be a good model and earn a decent money.

  5. She’s more than likely in a large sum of debt. Therefore why she has made an OnlyFans page that she has stated in the past that she would never make. Sooner or later we are going to see more and more of Miss Wolfie.

  6. wow thank you so much for this,to anyone out there think shes fat,she is not reach fat level,that body is solid gold.
    but i guess everyone have preferences but i think shes really hot.

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