15 Replies to “Message to the girls | Jem Wolfie Hot Instagram model”

  1. why mots of people in here hates her? she literally doesnt do any nudity or anything, yes i know maybe ocacsionall braless post or something that i can agree on , but the ig posts in knickers and bra showing off i dont see anything wrong with it or even being a ” bitch ” if id be a girl and id be looking good holy shit id do that too, i wouldnt mind earning big figures rather than working 9-5 for minimum wage.

  2. what the fuck are you stupid fucks talking about? where the fuck did she say she was gonna get naked? where the fuck does it say that if you create an onlyfans page then you have to get your gear off? she announced that she was creating an onlyfans page and all you dumb fucks assumed she was gonna post nudes. there was no scam. as a wise man once said “you played yourself”

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