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  1. Well, I leave you the post from Jem in the Onlyfans page. ITHINK THE ISSUE WAS A BAD SELECTION OF PLATAFORM for this bussines

    Jem Wolfie’s letter…

    Ok time to address some pathetic people on here. I have never EVER ever once implied I would be posting nudes on here what the actual fuck made you think I would be. I said I would be posting exclusive content on here and that is exactly what I have done. Absolutely everything that has been posted on here has NOT been posted on Instagram ever. YES some may look similar but it’s not the same at all that’s facts. Yes everything on here was filmed or taken just for this page just for you guys only and you won’t find it anywhere else. I only just created this page 3 days ago and I’ve been busy creating content for you, if you don’t like it that’s not my problem that’s your own issue. If you came here thinking I would be posting nudes then that’s your own fault and I never ever implied that and if you follow me you should know better. I’ve never been the type to show all. Look at you all attempting to try and ‘shame’ a young women for not getting naked on a public platform. What the f is wrong with you all? Getting angry over $10 because you thought in your own mind I’d create porn or some bullshit? Have some decency and respect. If you’re not happy with my content on here DO NOT SUBSCRIBE AGAIN to next I really don’t care for your $10 that comes along with your pathetic thirsty as fuk comments. Go follow some actual genuine thots that post porn, this website is NOT for that and is for genuine fans ONLY. I want to be able to express my sexual side on here without feeling pressured and I’ll never ever posts full on vagina so that’s me telling you so you’re all clear now. Maybe something more ravealing but only time will tell. I will also to PPV soon too. I want this to be a place for people who love my content and can’t get enough of me! If you want to see a more consistent sexy side to me without showing my full on flaps and all please stay. But know that I have some self respect and don’t do porn!! Ive always been honest and stayed true to my word by posting exclusive videos and I will continue taking photos and videos only for this page you won’t see any of it every posted on Instagram – at the very most you will see a snippet of it and that is all. LOVE TO ALL MY SUPPORTERS.

  2. I’m calling her out again. She just reposting old insta content that’s just I cropped. She really desperate for money if she doing this. If she went nude she could charge 50$ and people would buy it up fasttt.

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