6 Replies to “Why’s she talking like a lame black guy in a neighbourhood drug movie? it’s fucking annoying. | Jem Wolfie Hot Instagram model”

  1. She’s lame as fuck. Released some bullshit “book” aka pdf about how to make money on instagram and was charging people like ten bucks for it.

    I mentioned in the comments that it’s just going to end up torrented and she blocked me lol.

    Pretends to be good at basketball to get a wider audience and lately her IG was pretty much just soft porn what with the camel toes and shit. She’s not only got a big ass, but a big vagina too.

    Her big thighs and ass I find really unattractive.

    Anyway I must bez a fan since im here lol and apparently she reckons she makes money of it….please.

  2. Ok guys a few thing, I’m a light follower I honestly don’t care. BUT I get it she is a bit annoying, is there a ghetto in Australia, or is it hey cool look like an act American thing. Its dumb none the less. Any who I’m feeling bad for her, Reddit is kinda mean to her. She not big time celeb (if your reading this jemi don’t take that the wrong way) she just a girl who is getting big on line. I think we seem to for get that people are real. Its clearly hurting her feelings, and thats not cool. She not hurting any one there’s no drama between her amd any one else. She’s trying to make a living and let othera enjoy her prettiness. I mean ok I get it we all have said over and over “hey jemi your not black get over it!” It’s annoying but chill people she’s just a kid trying make a buck with what tje good Lord gave her. (Jemi if happen to read this I don’t mean any offence).

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