Most of my brides find me through word of mouth or social media, but not this one! I sat next to her and her fiancé on a flight to California. If you know me at all, I neverrrrrrrr converse with people I sit next to on planes. I tend to keep to myself, catch up on some zzz’s or listen to my latest audiobook. But I couldn’t help but over hear this couple talking about how they were in need of finding a wedding photographer 😂 I tried to ignore it, not wanting to come off like some crazy saleswoman, but after a few minutes I couldn’t help myself! After that flight, I didn’t know if she’d actually book with me or not. But I didn’t care, I found a new friend (and the best waxer!) and the rest is history! Thank you Chelsee and Brent for having me capture your beautiful day! I’m so grateful for that plane ride to California 💗#shannonelizabethphotography

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