Finally, I'm in Moscow. It seems that I stayed somewhere in the middle of the Cote d'Azur and the rocks, on a mountain height and under especially bright stars in the night.
I was so fond of these outlines of ancient battlements, conifers and smiles of my couple, that while I come to myself and I am looking for inspiration in my native streets.
Destination-photo session, of course, turned out for the brave: to climb to the top had to carefully and lay time on it. If the bride, in her dress and sneakers, can gently step on stone ‘steps’ near a cliff, then I, as a photographer, would have to think that the backpack with 7 kg of equipment would not be outweighed during пере on the verge ’
I will definitely talk about the intricacies of shooting ‘not in Moscow’, remember this photo session and in the process be happy for my couple – what are they, well, good fellows.
Found them in the photo?
I’ll tell you more about wedding photography, but later! I’m the one of the milky way’s star!

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