23 Replies to “Ariel’s Twitter rant | Ariel Winter Hot Instagram model”

  1. If she was such an adult she wouldn’t feel the need to put these rants up on twitter on a semi- normal basis. People talk it’s literally never gonna stop until you’re out of spotlight fully.

  2. She has every right to dress how she pleases, and we clearly enjoy looking, but people in the public eye should accept the fact that they’re on display. That’s the cost of their profession/lifestyle. She should just ignore the haters and move on. Instead she’s feeding them and playing coy, trying to play it off as if she’s some sort of innocent victim.

  3. She dresses so trashy, practically like a hooker at times. She’s a celeb so people will pick up on it more. This rant shows she isn’t mature at all as well.

    I have sympathy for her, but wearing see through clothes, shorts that barely cover her arse…it’s a bit self inflicted and is going to get attention whether it’s the shitty media or her posting the pics on her twitter/ instagram or whatever.

  4. I don’t know maybe I am missing something, but there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with what she said. She chooses to wear what’s comfortable, that’s fair. We choose to gap to it, that’s fair. I don’t think she’s dumb for wearing what she wears, just hot.

  5. Ms Winter, have you considered maybe retiring from public life? Or at least taking a sabbatical from public life? Because it sounds like life in the spotlight isn’t for you. And honestly, for the love of god, if you don’t like being “objectified,” you might consider possibly dressing a little more modestly. Because you’re going out in revealing outfits, which positively scream “look at my body!” and then complaining that everybody is looking at your body. You can’t have it both ways. Own what you’ve got, and stop playing the victim, or consider getting out of Hollywood. Personally, I recommend the latter, because you seem like a nice girl, and Hollywood is *vile.*

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