I always used to say that the only reason I lived was nothing but the power and courage to commit suicide,
I couldn't finish it myself,
But on the other hand, I wanted so much power for myself that even the end of my life would be in my own hands and my own,
A deeply inflated paradox that stands on one side, the deepest feeling you can experience, even deeper and stronger than love,
Maybe the first sensation we have experienced for the first time, the fear of losing, the fear of being destroyed,
After being scared of always living the beautiful life of Thermos, (for the first time I said this to a friend), there is a different form, everything is more attractive, even the dull routines of life,
When you face terror and you don't run away from it, you become the strongest person, the most independent of your personality,
You understand life better and living better, no matter how routine and uniform it is, you appreciate every moment and person,
The turning point is the fear of losing it, it creeps in on you and makes you believe that it doesn't have to be a nightmare,
There is no fear of ending it anymore,
Fear of living or not,
Thank you for your moment without me,
Very scary,
My fear of love is stronger
All this can be for you to read … ❤ # anonymous

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