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Scenery with Enoden "Enoshima and Eno" 2017/8/3 80D ——————————————————– Good evening Television …

Scenery with Enoden "Enoshima and Eno"

? 201/8/3 ? 80 D

Good evening dear
I decided to watch the video of Nagaoka fireworks display on TV and go next year ???
Actually I do not know, but
I would like to see a scale that does not have that much.
I would like to be friends with the direction of Nagaoka ~ ❗️ People who like fireworks I'm glad if you bring me a picture together on the site ~
I will check if there are other good fireworks festivals.
Today is Enoshi shot different from usual.
People, the evening scenery the car frequently travels ? It is difficult to shoot inside ??

The conductor also checked the course because it is a joint orbital section

Kamakura # Enoden # Enoshima # Higoshigoshi Station

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